History of Foursquare Gospel Tidings

Pastor and Mrs. Chartier started Foursquare Gospel Tidings in 1964. Foursquare Gospel Tidings grew from one station in North Battleford Saskatchewan to being on 17 stations in Canada, United States and overseas. Praise the Lord for the wonderful legacy that Pastor and Mrs. Chartier left Foursquare Gospel Tidings.

Bud and Evelyn Chartier were very dedicated to sharing Jesus Christ as their personal Savior to everyone who would listen. Shortly after Bud and Evelyn were married Bud enlisted in the army during WWII and was stationed at the West Coast. Here their son Gary was born. After the birth of their son, Bud was sent overseas. Evelyn was a woman of great faith and prayed for divine protection for her beloved husband.

During his time overseas Bud was diagnosed with many illnesses and injuries. He often joked that he was never really sick even though he was diagnosed with such ailments as Mumps and Rheumatic Fever. The result was that he spent much of his time in the infirmary and never saw action. While Bud was still overseas Evelyn moved to Cando, Saskatchewan, Canada in 1945 with their now one year old son. Bud joined her shortly after the end of the war. Evelyn felt God’s calling to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the residents of Cando and district. They held meetings in local schools as well as in homes on the nearby Indian Reserves. Evelyn initially lived in a little two room shack, when she moved to Cando, and faced many hardships with little or no complaint. In those days there was no indoor plumbing so she had to carry her own water or melt snow for water. There was no natural gas to heat homes which meant that Evelyn had to cut her own wood to keep warm in the winter. Bud added onto their house as soon as he returned from the war and built the church building which was completed in 1947. Nearly 100 people attended the opening service. Their daughter Phyllis was born while they were in Cando.

In 2007, Mrs Chartiers health started to deteriorate and in early 2008 Pastor Chartier also encountered health difficulties. They were no longer able to keep up with the growing ministry and chose Morley Ayars to carry on their radio work. Morley was honored and excited to carry on with what they started. After praying about the needs of the ministry he felt directed by our Lord to put together a ministry team for the radio program. He asked an accountant friend, Brian McGifford, to come on board to help out with the books but he said he did not have time. Morley left it in God’s hands and a week later Brian changed his mind based on the Lord’s direction. He became a willing participant in this far reaching ministry. Praise the Lord. Next Morley asked Canada’s Double Portion, a family ministry group traveling across North America to join their team to share in music and help preach the word. The Hemmerlings had known Chartiers for many years and after much prayer they decided to join the radio ministry team. Praise the Lord for the miracles that God does in our lives. Morley then asked Bruce Wilson, a long time supporter of the radio program, to join the team and he readily agreed.

To our sadness Mrs Chartier went to be with the Lord on September 1, 2008. Pastor Chartier followed her into the presence of the Lord shortly after on November 5, 2008. We will miss their love and wisdom as will many others who were blessed by them.

Our ministry team now consists of Morley Ayars, president; Duncan Hemmerling, vice president; Brian McGifford, accountant and sounding board; Bruce Wilson, correspondence advisor; Kim Ayars, secretary; and Debbie Hemmerling is our prayer coordinator.